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Meet Dr. Matt Sheehy, D.C.

Witnessing Holistic Healing in Action

All his life, Dr. Matt Sheehy, D.C. knew he wanted to help people—he just didn’t know how. He had no idea what chiropractic was about or that it would completely reroute his life direction.

A martial arts teacher, Dr. Matt accidentally injured his older brother one day while practicing together. As a result, his brother couldn’t turn his head at all. Even worse, his attitude soured, and no one wanted to be around him.

After Dr. Matt’s brother started care with a chiropractor, he regained his range of motion. What struck Dr. Matt most was watching his brother’s attitude completely change. He could no longer defeat his brother in a match, because he was ablaze with a powerful new energy now that his body was relieved from stress.

Dr. Matt had to see this for himself. He also made an appointment with a chiropractor—and his life has never been the same.

Learning to Trust the Power of the Body

More than anything, Dr. Matt loves serving his practice members through high-quality care. He graduated from Palmer West in 2003 and has since done countless seminars in nine different techniques, as he’s always looking into how he can better help his practice members.

Over the years, Dr. Matt has learned to trust the body instead of trying to do too much, which slows down your body’s innate healing process. His job is simply to find and address the primary subluxation, then get out of the way. Less is more. You’ll feel 100 times better by just letting your body heal the way it needs to.

A Family Passion for Wellness

Dr. Matt, despite being a fifth-generation Californian, has made the deliberate choice to call Texas his home. His family is deeply grateful for the opportunity to reside in this remarkable community, which is renowned for its unwavering support and cherished traditions. Being an integral part of this community brings great excitement and joy to Dr. Matt and his family.

Dr. Matt is wholeheartedly committed to serving the community and has a genuine passion for connecting with its members. He takes immense pride in demonstrating his care and dedication to the well-being of each practice member. Building meaningful connections is a priority for Dr. Matt, as he recognizes the importance of fostering relationships rooted in trust and compassion.

Looking ahead, Dr. Matt and his team eagerly anticipate forging more profound connections within the community. They are excited to continue their journey of providing exceptional healthcare services while nurturing lasting relationships with everyone they have the privilege to serve.

A family man, Dr. Matt loves hiking with his wife and two young kids: Liam and Ella. His wife is also a chiropractor and will join Connect Chiropractic to manage social media.

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