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INSiGHT Scanning Technology in Prosper

purple transparent spineAt Connect Chiropractic, we proudly offer our patients the cutting-edge INSiGHT Scanning Technology. This innovative tool provides invaluable insights into your health and nervous system, allowing us to address the root causes of your issues and guide you toward natural wellness.

And the best part? It’s included in your care with us-we love starting with an INSiGHT scan to get a baseline of where you’re at and then, after several visits, doing a second scan to see how you’re improving and what’s working for you. When you choose us for your care, you’ll be able to feel and see your results on your journey to natural health.

What is INSiGHT Scanning Technology?

INSiGHT Scanning Technology is a safe and non-invasive method that measures your body’s thermal patterns. By scanning from your upper neck to your lower back in just 30 seconds, this state-of-the-art device helps us visualize and analyze the function of your nervous system.

Understanding Your Health with Thermal Scans

The thermal scan reveals vital information about your overall wellness and how well your nervous system is functioning. Through precise temperature measurements, we can identify areas where there may be pressure or misalignment in your spine.

Using a color scheme that ranges from red (severe) to blue (moderate) to yellow (mild), and finally white (normal), we generate detailed graphs that illustrate the state of your nervous system. Our goal is to see a balanced distribution of temperatures on each side of your spine, indicating optimal nerve function.

curved spine overlay on back

Comprehensive Assessments for All Ages

Whether you’re an adult or child, our INSiGHT Scanning Technology is available for everyone. For adults, the thermal scan can provide valuable insights into the duration of symptoms and the effects on their nervous system. For children, we use the scans to detect patterns and demonstrate the long-term impact on their overall health.

No need to worry about the scan being uncomfortable-it’s extremely gentle and causes absolutely zero pain.

Personalized Care and Progress Tracking

During your visit, we will perform a real-time assessment using the INSiGHT Scanning Technology to track your progress. By comparing your scans over time, we can show you the improvements and adjustments made to your nervous system. It’s an empowering way to witness the positive changes happening within your body.

Trust the NASA-Approved Technology

The INSiGHT Scanning Technology is not just another gadget. It is a NASA-approved technology that has revolutionized the chiropractic industry. Its reliability and accuracy have made it an essential tool for chiropractors worldwide.

If you’re ready to get to the root of your health issues and experience natural wellness, book a visit with us to learn more about the power of INSiGHT Scanning Technology. Our dedicated team is here to guide you on your journey towards optimal health and well-being.



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