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Intersegmental Traction Therapy in Prosper

Instead of rushing or forcing an adjustment, we always start with intersegmental traction therapy to loosen up your joints, relax your muscles, and prepare your body for a change in the right direction. Adding this simple and comfortable step before we start with care helps your body hold adjustments longer, heal faster, and feel even better for the long haul.

How It Works

We use this warmup technique for all adults and teens who reach a certain height. When you check in for your appointment, the front desk staff will walk you back to the traction room and have you lie down on the table. We’ll then set the timer for two minutes, while giving you the chance to close your eyes, rest, and enjoy the soothing rhythm under your back. When the timer goes off, we’ll help you off the table and walk you to the adjusting room—and that’s it!

Traction therapy works by warming up the spine and increasing the amount of fluid flowing into the discs. This technique puts your body at ease, so that it’s not tight during an adjustment.

This service is included in the cost of a regular visit.
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Making Wellness Accessible for Everyone

At Connect Chiropractic, we believe it’s essential to acclimate the body to movement before providing adjustments, as we’ve seen great results from this simple, two-step process.

In the past, Dr. Matt tried to have practice members do specific spinal exercises at the office before jumping into care. With time, he found that many practice members felt embarrassed doing exercises in front of other people—but those who went through with the exercises had better adjustments and achieved better outcomes.

Traction therapy evens the playing field by giving everyone the chance to warm up your spine before each adjustment, without feeling awkward. We provide this service in a separate room with a closed door, so no one will see you as you soak up some rest before your adjustment.

Relax Your Way to Health Today

Traction therapy is an enjoyable way to jump-start the healing process. Book now.


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