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Pediatric Chiropractic in Prosper

No one is too young to start experiencing exceptional health. We recommend bringing newborns in immediately after birth to ensure their nervous system is functioning properly. The birth process can be traumatic for a baby’s spine. We make sure everything is working correctly, so your little one is set up for ideal health from day one.

Since babies don’t have the degenerative changes adults do, it takes a lot less care for their bodies to respond. In a short amount of time, Dr. Matt can check your baby’s whole system and restore optimal health—no long-term plan of care is required!

The Benefits of Care

We’ve seen everything from colic and fussiness to constipation clear up naturally due to care, and we love helping whole families function better as kids and babies begin experiencing their best health. Our care doesn’t just help kids feel better physically. With ADD and ADHD on the rise, chiropractic can even help calm kids’ minds so they can focus better and achieve more in school.

What to Expect

During your child’s first visit, Dr. Matt will focus on building a connection with the child. If your child is young, nervous, or on the spectrum, we recommend bringing in a favorite toy, so we can spend some time playing together and give your child a chance to familiarize themselves with the space. We’ll follow your guidance, and we can discuss your child’s health either altogether or in private, just as adults.

At Connect Chiropractic, we’ll never give an adjustment unless the child feels comfortable and clearly expresses consent. We want health care to feel empowering and safe, not frightening or violating.

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Helping Children Hit Maximum Development

As we get started with care, we might do some reflexes and coordination tests to evaluate how your child’s cerebellum is functioning. As your child develops, we’ll monitor developmental milestones, including how your child sits, moves, and interacts.

We use a different technique for kids, since they don’t need the same type of input as adults. For small children and babies, Dr. Matt might hold gentle pressure on the spine, like he’s holding a grape, or give slight impulses with his finger. Older kids may be ready for gentle manual adjustments, depending on how the joints move.

Bringing Kids Back Into the Game

One 10-year-old boy still exhibited a retained grasp reflex, which hindered his ability to catch a ball. Typically, this reflex should have naturally diminished during infancy, but in his case, it persisted. As a result, whenever something touched his palm, his hand involuntarily flexed into a tight grip, making it challenging for him to catch objects. Through a combination of chiropractic care and homework we had him do with his parents, he was able to catch a ball and play sports with his friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chiropractic safe for kids?

Yes, we keep our adjustments extra gentle, so your child will be safe and comfortable.

Are adjustments necessary for kids?

We believe everybody with a spine should at least be checked out. Our care is about removing stress from the body so you can function better, which makes it appropriate for everyone.

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