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Teen Chiropractic in Prosper

Whether they’re pushing themselves to the limit in sports or underachieving and neglecting their health, teens are at a critical stage of growth and change. At Connect Chiropractic, we help teens navigate the unique challenges of adolescence and prepare for a lifetime of optimal wellness.

From Sports Injuries to Inactivity

Dr. Matt empowers teens to reach their goals, like keeping their bodies fluid and in motion so they can march all day at band camp or improving their coordination for gymnastics.

While we don’t treat any medical condition, our adjustments improve the functioning of the nervous system. As your brain and body start performing at 100%, the body can then do its own healing, clearing up troubling symptoms and restoring you to energy and strength.

We’ve even seen our care improve the focus of teens with ADD. When stress is removed from the nervous system, it has a calming effect on the mind.

Boosting Teens’ Posture—and Emotions

Too much screen time or video games can lead to neck or low back issues. We talk to teens about the importance of not slouching while making it more comfortable for them to sit up straight by bringing the spine into a more restful position.

Studies show that staying upright helps fight depression, since spinal fluid is moving up the spine properly. We always tell teens that if you want to be in a bad mood, then slouch—but if you want to feel happier, then stand up straight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my teen need chiropractic care for life?

If you wanted to get in shape, you wouldn’t exercise for a few months and then quit. While you’re always in charge of how often you come in, we recommend regular checkups and maintenance care to keep your teen overwhelmingly healthy.

Is intersegmental traction therapy appropriate for teens?

We make our recommendations for traction therapy based on teens’ size, not age. Any adult-sized body responds well to traction. We can use lower settings for younger teens as necessary.

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