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Adult Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is about working with your body, which has an amazing ability to heal itself. Our job is to find the joints that aren’t moving correctly, and bring them into alignment so your vertebrae can protect the nervous system again. After finding and removing your primary issue, we simply step back and let your body do all the healing.

Due to care, aches and pains often disappear. Many people also experience a clearer mind, more energy, and better digestion. When your body clears up, you’ll likely feel sharper, more focused, and happier. That’s what happens when your body has a chance to thrive the way it was made!

How We Can Help

At Connect Chiropractic, we offer relief, corrective, and maintenance care to restore optimal functioning and help you stay there.

Dr. Matt mainly uses Diversified (manual) adjustments. Based on your particular situation, he may also use an electric handheld tool called ArthroStim®. He has been trained in the Activator Method® and Torque Release protocol.

Whichever technique we use, the key is to adjust the spine when it’s in a state of ease. We put a gentle impulse into the spine to clear out your system and help your body restore itself.

Back adjustment

Boosting Your Body’s Functioning

We focus on boosting functioning, not just relieving pain. We see pain as a warning signal that something is fundamentally wrong with the body. By paying attention to the core problem, we relieve pain and bring your body into better health.

Instead of treating any specific disease, we respond to bodies in a state of dis-ease. We’ve had success with migraines, headaches, digestive issues, depression, and more. Dr. Matt can often tell just by touching your spine if the source of the problem is structural or your diet.

If you’re in acute pain, we might see you daily until your pain levels decrease. We’ll then spread out visits more in response to how you’re feeling and what we’re seeing in updated exams and X-rays.

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