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About Connect Chiropractic

We’re Here for You

If something feels off, but you don’t know what, there’s a name for that: disconnected. You were meant to live in harmony with your body, your community, and your environment, but today’s fast-paced society makes it easy to fall out of rhythm and into survival mode.

We Want to Help You Flourish

  • Our Vision: to empower and facilitate a healthier, happier and more connected world through chiropractic care.
  • Our Mission: to help you reach your health goals for you and your family through chiropractic care. To connect you back to your awesome self.
  • Our Purpose: to connect people back into trusting their self healing, self regulating perfect body. To show that you are enough and perfect just the way you are.

A Fun, Loving Experience of Care

We want to empower you to trust yourself and break the cycle of fear and negativity that has consumed our world these last few years. Our goal is to help you know that you’re loved and deserve a healthy, joyful life.

Many practice members get off the table and tell us they feel like their bodies have been uplifted, like they’re walking on clouds. As a result of care, practice members report more energy, better focus, and even more happiness.

Dr. Matt is proud to be opening Connect Chiropractic as the culmination of 20 years of working in chiropractic as both an associate and head doctor. Dr. Matt moved to Texas for his kids. He loves the family-oriented community of Prosper and Celina, and he’s thankful to work close to home.

Helping Practice Members Function at Their Best

One set of parents brought in their constipated newborn, and Dr. Matt warned them after the adjustment to be prepared for a blowout in the car. They came in laughing the next time and said that’s exactly what happened!

When Dr. Matt was an intern, he saw a patient who was autistic and nonverbal. Since he was just getting started, he hesitated to adjust her neck. The girl grabbed his hand, held deep eye contact (which she usually avoided), and nodded her head yes, so he gave the adjustment. Her family brought her in every two weeks, because they noticed she didn’t have meltdowns after her adjustment.

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